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According to the latest news, October 26, that is tomorrow, this magma inspired design with a unique soccer shoes will be officially released, not only that, we also learned that it’s official name is likely to be “Savage Beauty” – ” wild beauty. ” The new Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 “Savage Beauty” soccer shoe design inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s home island of Madeira volcano, the shoe features a unique design, the upper pattern as flowing lava. Madeira islands after the outbreak of the formation of a huge volcano, which towers into the sky from the bottom of the Atlantic volcanoes, up to 6000 meters. Although Tomorrow will be CR7 “Savage Beauty” release time, but the shoe sale date is likely to be October 30 in future. It is said that on the Nike Football App, the shoe retail market earlier than the time to market for two days. We are all looking forward for this pair of Nike Superfly CR7 exclusive conference prepared, however, and has just launched CR7 324K Gold and CR7 Quinhentos compared afraid “Savage Beauty” to be eclipsed. Yesterday, for everyone to bring Nike Mercurial Superfly C Lo magma exclusive color version of AG official renderings. Today will have to share the FG version of the official renderings.

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June 2, 2016, many fans awaited Nike Pegasus 33 generations (Zoom Pegasus 33) finally released in the United States. It is resistant to the latest version of Ke Feima series of running shoes, Nike running shoes, according to senior director Brett Scoresby Mestre that, to make this section more perfect running shoes, this design has been fine-tuning the details. Resistant Ke Feima most popular series of Nike running shoes neutral, born in 1983, its name inspired by the human desire to fly in the sky. Since its launch, much sought after by fans. Brett said:. “We know that Pegasus series has led the runners run more smoothly, and a perfect fit with the foot, but we want to make it better resilience, and bored” in New York, Nike running club roof on the runway, track and field skills training course runners who tested the resilience and stability of Pegasus 33. In the nearly 90-minute training, it contains many cross-country skills. And all of this is in the running fast, accurate observation perfect performance and outstanding 33 foot feeling Pegasus. • It has a double Zoom Air cushion. This cushion is placed in its forefoot and heel position. This makes running shoes have excellent feedback speed and to feel that in the longer distance running. Rubber outsole segmented design, adding more flexibility. Flywire technology in the upper arch of the foot and bring better adaptability, while fit foot, providing a more stable and long-lasting comfort foot support. This shoe feeling very well, it allows you to clearly feel the distance between the toes and on the ground. For those who prefer to drive arch running, any amount of a cushion allows you to run more comfortable, does not affect the running speed, so you better experience the feeling of flying.

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In order to maintain the company’s freshness and aggressive against competitors, the US sports giant Nike recently announced a series of high-level personnel changes. Earlier forced by competition, Nike admitted hired senior vice president of rival Under Armour design department Dave Dombrow, and in 2017 formally took office. The personnel changes include: Has 19 years of experience in senior manager Phil McCartney was appointed vice president and general manager of Nike footwear sector, June 1 formally took office. Responsible for emerging markets, vice president and general manager Tom Peddie will become vice president and general manager of North American integrated market, officially took office July 1. Ann Hebert was appointed vice president and general manager of emerging markets, July 1 officially took office. Christophe Merkel transferred from the market, general manager of Nike Turkey, was appointed vice president and general manager of Nike Japan, July 1 officially took office. Jim Reynolds transferred from Nike Japan, was appointed general manager of the sports department, took office in June. Last year, Nike recorded a total revenue of $ 30.6 billion, in the field of sports is still a strong competitor, the company aims to 2020, the annual turnover of $ 50 billion. Sports brand competition is direct competition of talents, in order to allow the company’s long service in the next five years CEOMarkParker can remain in office last year, Nike give Mark Parker rewards than in the past year to show 10 times the stock incentive. But some analysts said that Nike must maintain its freshness, because many other fashion brands have begun to compete for shares of sports apparel. Sports brand giant Nike announced its third-quarter report, the data show that the company’s third-quarter earnings below expectations, the first three months revenues ended February 29 rose 8% to $ 8.03 billion, ending 14 consecutive quarters of revenue Nike than-expected momentum. Some analysts said the performance of Nike in the last decade is so good, a large part of the industry should be attributed to the lack of substantial competition. In other words, there is no real rival Nike. But now the situation is changing. In recent years, investors seem to see for the first time to wake up sleeping Adidas. Earlier this year, Adidas announced the new appointments, the German daily chemical giant Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted will join Adidas to become the group’s new CEO, while the Group’s current CEO Herbert Hainer will be leaving at the end of September. Adidas said the company has to learn from the mistakes of the past, the company did not pay close attention to consumer demand, too static result in loss of consumer enthusiasm for the brand. Thanks to the strong performance footwear market, strong performance Adidas Group, the latest first quarter net profit soared 38 percent, Adidas and Kanye West Yeezy sneakers to launch unprecedented success, this movement trend continues. In addition, Superstar and cooperation models Adidas and Stella McCartney is also very hot, recently launched NMD style is also very successful, listing two days sold out. In addition, in the US market, Nike Sike rival Under Armour outdone use the opportunity to try to challenge the market position of the company Nike, Under Armour net profit of more than 10 consecutive quarters of 20% growth rate, which is the secret of success has been committed to meet customer needs and bring new and innovative technologies. Recently, after more crazy hit nearly $ 1 billion acquisition of continuous digital mobile community health movement, Under Armour announced plans to replace the turn to overtake Nike, doing sports brand boss.